Sunday, September 15, 2013

Weather and Saturday Break

We moved to Colorado this summer and if you follow the news you know that we have had some SERIOUS weather.  We, my family, are safe and sound (we live in an apartment that is "uphill" and we are on the 3rd floor).  Some of our extended family are dealing with the water but as far as I know none are actually flooded.  So many are in desperate situations due to all the water.  I had a Dr. Appt. on Friday and when I arrived the medical center was closed!
Here are a few photos - if you want to see the BIG picture just search Colorado Flooding.

Boulder, CO

Flash Flooding

Water accumulating - very dangerous

We had a much needed break in the rain on Saturday - water was still rising in many areas, with water coming down from the mountains.

We were blessed to have some sunshine and some of the local businesses had "carnival" attractions in their parking lots.  My DIL and I went and walked around, these are some of the photos from one section - it was a small petting zoo enclosure!

It was fun watching the children play, make birdhouses and pet the animals.  The turtle (tortoise?)  was doing laps around the inside of the pen... he was actually moving at a pretty good pace.

Please remember to pray for all of those who are dealing with high water.  
We are expecting more rain through tonight and tomorrow.

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