Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Wedding plans and family drama

Ok, so we are in the final week before the wedding... why is it there is ALWAYS someone who has to create drama?

All we want is to enjoy this week - are we asking for to much?  We just want the Bride and Groom to have smiles on their faces and to actually look forward to the rehearsal, wedding, reception and after party...
PLEASE help me understand...  I need to create a No Drama Zone!

Let me just give some general information....
We sat down and discussed what needed to be done in the next few days... we discussed items that needed to be purchased, who was buying what, who was working on things like the program layout and the slide show...
Sounds good, right?

Within mere hours of this discussion - we found those we had this discussion with buying items I was supposed to purchase (ok, I don't care but TELL ME so I don't buy the item also!!)
Had text message drama about the slide show, where the one who was originally going to do it but said they could not do it is suddenly all upset saying they have spent 6 hours (really??) creating the slide show because those we JUST had the discussion with told them they HAD to do it...  while no mention of this person working on the slide show at all during our discussion.
So, with all that - we had a sit down meeting about COMMUNICATION!  More drama, blaming the Bride, blaming the Groom - REALLY??

So, we have all that squared away - right.... well, so we thought.  Now we start the morning with more tears - people feeling that one family is being slighted, the after party (which is for the wedding party and especially for those who have traveled a great distance for this event) is more focused on the brides family than the grooms family... <sigh> really???

Why is it so difficult?  WHO is this wedding for/about anyway??

All I want is a happy bride and groom....   I may be dreaming.


  1. omg. hard to believe other forgot that the day is NOT about THEM! So sorry that this drama is taking over what should be a wonderful, happy event.

    Take a deep breath, and as long as you keep reminding yourself, and everyone else, the goal is to have a happy Bride and Groom, you should get through it.


  2. Thank you! It has been a struggle - but it will be fine and wonderful!