Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Dieta... do you know what that means?

Dieta is the original Greek word for diet and meant a “way of life”, not a restricted calorie plan.  

So I am sure you can guess that I am starting a new "way of life" and am trying to change my eating plan.  I started just a day ago and am hoping to report good things to all of you as I progress.  

I am unusual in the sense that I don't get "hunger pains" - at least not as they have been described to me.  I can skip meals and not realize it, especially when I am busy... I will SOMETIMES feel the need to eat (usually like my blood sugar drops) and I *DO* have an appetite!  When I smell something good... I will say I am hungry, but I really my appetite has been stimulated!  LOL!  I wonder how true that is for many of us!?!?!

Anyway, I am not so much trying to loose weight, (although that would be ok too!)  but rather I am trying to correct some inflammation issues in my body, and I am hoping this dieta will help!

Stay tuned for more.... :)


  1. I understand Deni. I skip meals too and don't really realize it. And doing that is not conducive to weight loss (which I am trying to do). I have to remember to eat a little something. Mostly I need to move my behind more. Looking forward to reading more on how you are doing this and the results it is bringing for you. Am really interested in learning about you eating plan.

  2. Good luck - hope it helps. I've heard licorce is a natural anti-inflammatory. You don't have to eat it! Comes in a pill form too. I haven't tried it. Just told about it on numerous occassions.

  3. Good luck! We've been on an eating binge here for about 10 days and it has to stop!!!!

  4. I totally understand... my Dr. is always saying eat, eat, eat, you must eat to lose! I just don't feel like eating until around 11 am and then nothing until dinner, and I am definitely well rounded! Lol. So I wish you the best of luck on your new dieta, I hope it does everything you are wishing it will.

  5. Thank you all for you kind comments! I am feeling pretty good! I have not weighed at all :)
    I had trouble eating as much as they wanted me to eat today (sigh), I am trying though!

  6. Kali tuxi me ti dieta sou. Good luck with your diet in Greek. :) I wish I could discipline myself to go on a diet long enough to lose weight. :O